Saturday, September 6, 2008

In the memory of my beloved Mum

It had been very long time not logging in. It was hard in the past one year. I lost someone very important in my life. Someone who was always there for me as my friend and my guidance - my beloved Mum. It was very painful for me as she passed away while I was USA. I was not there when she passed away and the last time I saw her and hugged her was at my wedding. I didn't really expected that. It was so sudden. It took me quite sometimes to get over. Life without my Mum is totally different.

To me, my Mum is my inspiration. Although she was not highly educated, people might look at her as ordinary housewife, but to me, she was kind, high-spirit, gentle and brave woman. She married to my Dad at the age of 22. She left her family and moved into city with my Dad without knowing any people in town. I used to chat with her everything - interesting encounters or my difficulties in life. She was always very encouraging and told me to be brave to face any challenges in life. I will always remembered that, remembered how she gave her love to me unconditionedly, her spirits, and her courage. She will be always in my heart.
I love you, Mum.

Monday, September 10, 2007

How to tell is he interested into You?

You meet someone you interested. You have been going out together for a while. You both seem comfortable and enjoy your conversation. However, no sign of him taking into another level of relationship? So is he interested into you or just treat you as friends?

Here are some tips by from Greg Hartley, former Army Special Forces interrogator and author of I Can Read You Like a Book: How to Spot the Messages and Emotions People Are Really Sending With Their Body Language.

Signs He's Into You........

1) He closes the distance
“First and foremost, moving in closer indicates a desire for more intimate contact,” Hartley says. So if a man you’re talking to at a party inches a little closer as you talk you know he wants to get to know you better and not as a friend.

2) He speaks softly
When a man talks in a quieter voice, it’s an excellent sign. Hartley explains, "He’s indicating that what he’s saying is for your ears only,” he says. If you want to let that soft-talker know you feel the same way, respond in kind, which should quickly turn those sparks into an all-out fire.

3) He rounds his posture
Hypermasculine body language (think: swaggering walk, standing tall with shoulders back and chin up, etc.) serves to attract women from a distance. But when a guy is talking close-up with a woman he likes, he will soften, or “round” his body language, Hartley notes. If your guy’s squared shoulders cave in when he’s chatting with you, he’s indicating that he feels comfortable and secure in your presence.

4) He talks slowly
Men typically talk more slowly and softly when they are attracted to someone, Hartley explains. Of course, if he knocked back a few gigante lattes on a first date, he may be too wired (and nervous) to sound like Barry White, but give it time: If his speech starts to make you feel sleepy, he’s a goner.

5) He can’t take his eyes off you (in a good way)
So his eyes are locked on yours? As long as it isn’t a psycho stare, but rather a lingering, heavy-lidded, “Wow, you’re amazing” gaze, that guy is digging you big-time, Harley says.

Hope those tips help. Happy Dating!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Count Down to Our Wedding

Another 26 days to our Wedding.

These few days, we stayed up until very late to get most of the things finalized due to the 12-hour different between us. This is because I am currently in USA, and A is in Singapore, so we really need a lot of patient and compromise with each other when arranging those details preparation of our coming wedding.

We also talked about a lot about how to get the sisters and brothers together before our wedding day to give briefing to everyone, which I also will be participating through webcam. We finally found our wedding car booked. It is SAAB, brand new car. We are lucky.

We also booked buffet catering for lunch. There are few good catering. We choosed Rasel Food Catering. They are efficient, once we submitted our request, the customer service called the next day to confirm and also give us some suggestion on the menu. Their price is reasonable and the food is nice (my previous company also keep them as one of the favor catering for company function).

We also finalized our guest list and decided to give our honored guests a reminder call two weeks before our wedding. This is just to make sure no sudden absent that we didn't know about. Other things we discuss like songs for the march-in, make sure the photo montage are in process, keep in touch with the hotel coordinator to arrange a day (two weeks before our wedding) to finalize the dinner details.

Never ever think that there are still so much things need to finalize. Hopefully things go as what we planned. Each day passed with increasing excitement.

Any September bride out there?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wedding Has Been Called Off???

It has been a while didn't manage to log in to write any article. New job, new environment (relocate from Singapore to USA for 9 months), new colleagues, so much new things to adapt. Finally, all set and time to sit down, watch tv and write post.

Turning on some tv program, coincidently, it was on some marriage reality show. The show showed couples from preparation to the wedding. One of the couple was very stressed during the process of preparation. They started to arguing, especially the future bride-to-be. At the day before the actual wedding, things got worse. Sadly, the wedding was called off.

What are the reasons could lead to the Wedding to be called off? There are a lot of reason can lead to this:
-Unable to commit to marriage by bride/groom-to-be,
-Unable to compromise on things during wedding preparation
-Insufficient finance
-Uncertainty of bride/groom-to-be
The list can be very long...............

In my opinion, the most common is either bride-to-be or groom-to-be got too stress-up by wedding planning and wanted to quit. Another common reason is either bride-to-be got into depression as stressors overwhelmed her or groom-to-be got into anxiety as he can't cope the changing of roles from boyfriend to husband. These are mainly because of our inner self emotion. To deal with emotion problem, the most important thing couple should know is to be understanding, to be patient and always be there for each other. If both of you love and care for each other, both of you can make it through together.

If anyone out there has the same emotion problem before wedding, and would like to share how you deal with it, do drop your tips in the comment.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Wedding Photography Oversea

If you intend to take your wedding photography oversea, is it possible to do it now? There are a lot of Bridal Studio do offering this service now. However, the price for such a service from the local Bridal studio is more expensive. It is because you need to pay to fly the whole team (the photographer, the makeup airtist, with another one or two staff) and pay for the accomodation. Sometimes, it is advisable to go in with other couples, the expenses will probably will be shared out. However, it is still not cheap.

The other option is you look for some Bridal Studio that has branches in oversea. They will be able to arrange the photographer and makeup artist from the branch. Then probably will be cheaper. Another alternative is after you decide the location of your wedding photograph, you can find some local wedding photographer through internet. This probably is the cheapest way if you want to have an oversea wedding photograph.

There are several hot spots where couple choose to have their wedding photograph:
1) Bali
2) Tioman Island
3) Taiwan
4) Korean
5) Prague

You have any others interesting place suitable for oversea wedding photography to share?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bridal Studio for the Wedding Package

Start your searching for Bridal Studio for the Wedding Package at least 9 months ahead your wedding day. There are so many Bridal Studio in town, which one to choose?
This really depends on your budget. Bridal Studio with designer brand will be more expensive, however it will be unique.

One of the famous Bridal Studio area in Singapore located in Tanjong Pagar Road. There are huge number of Bridal Studio including those famous designer shop like Yvonne Creative, Santiago, Sattine, Milan, Flamigo, etc. Some others bridal studio located in Shopping Mall, and others neighbour district. I have gathered most of the Bridal Studio in a list, click here to download. (If you have any would like to add on, you are welcome to send an email to me.)

If you have budget constraint, you can probably look into Johor Bahru's Bridal Studios in Malaysia, as you will be paying Malaysia Ringgit instead of Singapore Dollar. However, bear in mind, you need spend more time on traveling to the Bridal Studio. I also gathered the Bridal Studios in Malaysia, click here to download.

What to look for when you visit to a Bridal Studio? You can request to view their sample photography albums, you can have an ideal the style of the photographer, the standard of the makeup artist. You can request the quotation of packages to have an idea of how much they charged and what are included in specific package. Bear in mind, some sales staff are very persuasive and pushy, you might want to say that your wedding is not that soon, probably 2 years later or date not set yet.

Window shop is important in search of wedding bridal photography package. Do not rush into any decision. Read some bridal magazines or attend wedding workshops will also help in choosing your suitable package.

Good Luck in search of your dream wedding photography!

Far Away from Love

It's has been a while that I not able to write as I was busy preparing my departure to USA. It is because of my current job, I have to be based in USA for 6-9 months. This is my first time to be away so long and so far away from my loved ones (my husband, A; my parent and my friends).

Since I graduated from my Bachelor Degree to before I met A, I always dream to come to US to further studies and to experience a different environment other than Asia. Now I got a chance, although not for further studies, I got a chance to experience living in USA. However, after I came to USA, I don't feel so excited as I thought. Maybe this is because my loves ones are not with me. They are far far away.

My friends, Lian and Hoong, always said that I am an amazing woman, always brave and tough. I also thought I am. Well, the truth is I also got my weakness - I still remember at the airport, Alvin, my parent and my mum-in-law were waving to me when I entering the immigration. I tried to smile and waved back, I told myself I need to be strong. However, when I walked along to the boarding departure hall, I feel sad and my tears start to flow from my eyes. Alvin called me when I was waiting to board the flight, listening to his voice, I know I will be strong with his love and his support and also love from my parent.

Love from your family/your love one is a very powerful feelings. Although I am alone here in USA, and might feel lonely sometimes but I don't feel sad as I got POWER of LOVE. Thanks to the advanced technology - internet, people far away still connected. I can always chat with them and see them through webcam.